Sunday, October 5, 2008

Swagger Like Us Remix

Ay wats happening. I haven't been on the blog in a little while. I've been mad busy with school...trying to stay on top of all my classes. Anyways, last week Team Blackout and our boys Young Jerz and Young Wizz laid down the Swagger Like Us Remix. NEW SKOOL WAS DEFINITELY IN THE BUILDING!! We put in work. We were up all night recording...shout out to Lamar Pro for engineering the session. Good lookin out kid!!

We put a lil video out 4 yall. So check it out

Young Star, Bonkaz I See U!!!

I see alot of artists on with their own versions of Swagger Like Us...Shout outs to all them...Lets Keep It Hip-Hop

Zach (Team Blackout)


  1. That was real nice..I enjoyed it..=]

    "I dnt need to wake up cuz my daddy give me paper" agree..=]

  2. Loving this vid cuz, Jojo's crackin' me up with the cereal! LOL

  3. i love this joint rite here my mans jojo killed and you did lol (sick as the bird flu) and reggie did his thing