Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Official Video for RP of Team Blackout's 'Goin In' Feat Zach89

The video has finally arrived! Something a little different from the usual...Check it out 'Goin In'

Produced by Lmr Pro

Directed by ABFSC

Be on the look out for Reggie's mixtape "A Discreet Gift"


Rappers with Numbers in their Names


Ladies & Gentlemen I have joined the list of rappers with numbers in their names lol Some of your favorite rappers got em. Here's a list of some...

2pac (yes technically)

50 Cent

Andre 3000


Tech N9ne

Royce Da 5'9

Mc Eiht

Mack 10

Spice 1

Let me know which ones I missed

New Rap Name

After some-odd months of recording, school, and developing new relationships, I have started to formulate a new plan. And that plan involves a....NEW RAP NAME lol I was having trouble trying to come up with a new one and coming up with a stage name is NOT as easy as it seems. But I decided to change it from just Zach to....ZACH89. I wish I could give you 89 reasons why but I only got 2 lol I was born in 1989 so technically I'm still an 80's baby (Represent!); and out of respect for how technology has impacted our world, my name on twitter is Zach89. So its only right. So there you have it Zach89 Hate it or Love it....Spread the word lol

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cypher Video Shoot

(RP, Zach89, Matic)

We in motion baby! Today we shot a video for a Cypher Freestyle in the heart of Brooklyn. It features Me, RP, and reggae artist Matic. A lot of flava, A lot of Dope Lyrics! The track will be featured on both Reggie and Matic's mixtapes. Produced by Lmr Pro...Video and Behind the Scenes footage coming soon!



New Reggie of Team Blackout "Goin In" Trailer Feat Zach89

My Blackout brother Reggie aka RP is droppin his 1st official mixtape at the end of the summer! It's called "A Discreet Gift". This track 'Goin In' is the first single off the mixtape. Here's the trailer for the video. It features myself Zach89 and is produced by LmR Pro. S/0 to ABFSC for shooting and editing the video. Be on the look out...WE GOIN INNNNN