Monday, September 29, 2008

I Think It's About Time We Had the Talk

This past Saturday, I was watching the new Chris Rock special "Kill the Messenger" on HBO. I must say that joint was mad funny. Chris Rock is that dude. He speaks on this year's Presidential Election. The thing I like about Chris is that he knows how to break all the issues down in a funny way so you can understand it. I'm not gonna front I've been trying my best to keep up with the election, but with all these different problems the world's facing I get lost lol.

I was driving in the whip with Reggie today and that gas pump ain't no joke lol. I just wanna say to everyone, to all the fans that check out my blogs, if your 18 or older YOU MUST REGISTER TO VOTE. Even if you're not eligible to vote its important to start learning the issues that face our country. When it comes down to it, it effects you in the long run. Here's a link where you can register to vote,

This the first time I can vote and it just so happens that we are experiencing a very historical election. We have the opportunity to elect a Black man into office. I'm not saying to vote for Obama because he's black but because he represents change. Make sure you research both candidates so you can decide for yourself. I believe they have their own myspaces. I don't wanna come off preachy to yall but I figure we have some real talk. If you ain't registered then do it soon before its too late. If you want you can leave your comments with your opinions on the election. Holla at me.

Zach (Team Blackout)


  1. WoW your like the first person that actually has a reason to why you wasnt obama as the president. Alot of people was him because of his race, which really isnt right.. I mean everyone needs to be tuned in to at least one of their debates.. McCain is a piece of work.. and if teens dont get out and vote where going to be stuck with another bush for 4 more years.. I personally dont want McCain in office. I will be leaving for the army in Jan.. And McCain is going to keep us there and never bring us home.. MAKE SURE YOU VOTE EVERYONE YOUR VOTE COUNTS... WE NEED THIS

  2. Thanks 4 supporting me on're a brave woman...change is very important...and we do need someone like Obama who's goal is to bring troops back home...stay safe and keep in touch

  3. Hey Zach, I remember you said you arent able to catch most of the debates.. You can check out my blog. I try to keep up with some of them especially the ones about the war.. But please do keep in touch as I will do the same.. You keep me posted and I'll do the same.. My url is