Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Team Blackout on Worldstarhiphop.com

Well things have been getting pretty busy with me lately. School's definitely in full effect. My classes have been very...very hard. If you didn't know along with rapping I play the drums; I am a jazz performance major in college. It's not an easy job staying on track with school and having a music career. I've been doing well with it so far. We haven't performed too much yet but we have a couple of performances coming up. Team Blackout is going to be at the NYC Marathon Nov. 2. We're also going to be at the Manhattan Center next Tuesday. I'll let yall know more about it.

We've still been keeping ourselves busy. We've been kicking it with Square Off (Doug E. Fresh's sons group). Shout outs to them!! Anyways,me and JoJo also made a new video clip of us rapping live from the dorm!! You can check it out on youtube and worldstarhiphop.com
Shout outs to Reggie!!! You're going to see more videos clips from us. In the mean time check out www.myspace.com/teamblackout3
I'll holla
Zach (Team Blackout)


  1. cool cool blog! =]

    I understand what u mean bout juggling so much. I go to school for fashion & its hectic to have to go to school & also run my clothing line at the same time. but we'll get through it. all we gotta do is stay focus & trust its gonna pay off lol.

    i would love 2 see u guys perform =]

    gd luck with everything!

  2. cool cool blog! =]

    i know what u mean about juggling so many things at once. i go to school for fashion. & with that i have my fashion line. plus wrk as well. its way 2 much! but in the long run its gonna pay off lol.

    gd luck with everything. i hope 2 see u guys perform =]

    much love.

  3. oh shnapp you guys have the same dorm room.
    omg ur music is fresshhhhhh
    not "not that bad"
    oh and fly rap.
    holla atcha llama

  4. yo zach dont worry bout them haters son cuz team blackout is beast.i like ur freestyles and ryhmes on the tracks and jojo's and reggie's everyone is hating. but as they always say heters make u famous