Wednesday, July 6, 2011

'Rapzhody' Recording Session

Spent a couple long days in the studio with the homey RP, putting the finishing touches on my 1st mixtape RapZhody I have been working on this mixtape for a good 5 months or so....And I am proud to say that the mixtape is coming out incredible!

RapZhody consists of 12 tracks of me rapping over classic hip-hop beats (mainly from the 90's) but to add a little twist...I'm playing the drums on the tracks too!! I don't think that's EVER been done before, therefore you can say I'm making History with this first project!

That along with some other little surprises I'm definitely bringing something new to the table and I can't wait till yall get a chance to finally hear it. This is only the beginning. S/o to Reggie for coming in and doing his thing! The boy really came thru for me. Be on the look out for new videos off RapZhody! And a final release date...Stay Tuned.


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