Monday, July 11, 2011

Beats, Rhymes, & Life (A Tribe Called Quest Documentary)

(Here's my movie ticket)

I got a chance to go see the new documentary Beats, Rhymes, & Life on the legendary hip hop group A Tribe Called Quest. Directed by Michael Rapaport. I saw it at the AMC Cinema on 42nd St in Times Square. I must say despite the controversy surrounding the film and whatever animosity that was built up behind the scenes regarding it, I thought the documentary was freakin awesome! It gave me a much clearer in-depth look at the history behind A Tribe Called Quest. I believe it gave each member a chance to shine. It was entertaining, funny, full of hip hop history, and even at times a tear jerker. Well done. And it gave me more insight about not only my hip hop culture but my boro Queens. A definite MUST SEE!

-Oh and I'm still lookin for the perfect Bonita Applebum ;)


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  1. Tribe <3 Originators <3 Miss B'Love =)