Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Team Blackout's Official Single "Gotta Have Her"

Things have been really hectic for me lately. When I say things, I mean school. I have finals coming up and mad tests and homeworks to finish in the next couple of weeks. I've been on my school flow hard body but I'm looking forward to starting the summer break so I can really concentrate on my music grind.

Speaking of music grind, we Team Blackout have finally released the video for our official single "Gotta Have Her" featuring Chris Grayson...Drop Zone!! The video is starting to spread which is a good sign. It's on mtv.com, bet.com, and many other websites. We're waiting for MTV and BET to pick it up on television. Be on the look out. So definitely check it out and request it on all your local radio stations! Don't be afraid to leave your comments. I want to know what yall think of the video!!

-Zach (Team Blackout)


  1. hott vid.
    looks well good.
    a real good look there.

  2. zach i love jo jo but i love the video i been with yall since day 1 i watch run's house and everything season 1 thru 5 i just gotta meet yall one day i have yall as friends on myspace and yall dont get back at me when i write yall so i stopped but i'm start to write yall again i love yall team blackout fan 4 life

  3. i listen to the vid everyday omg i just love the song it so cute i cant stop listening to it

  4. hey zach just would like to tell you that i love team blackout and that i love yall music and i love run's house it's so amazing to see black people doing something positive with their lives instead of negative things so that's why i adore yall so much i love yall #1 Fan 4 life I LOVE JO-JO