Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Zach89's Top Five

Here's the Top 5 songs that have been playing in my Ipod as of late...

5. Fabolous "She Did It"

Fab's new mixtape TINC 3 is dope. I haven't finished listening to it but so far this song got me noddin the hardest.

4. French Montana "Shot Caller"

I caught on to this song a little later than some. I love the horns on it. It got a real NY sound to it and Frenchie rides the beat well.

3. T.I. feat Young Jeezy "Fuck Da City Up"

I've been watching T.I.'s reality show Family Hu$tle and I've been really enjoying it. But I'm glad that T.I. is feeding the streets again with new music. This track off his new mixtape goes freakin hard! lol Love everything about it. Haven't been able to listen to the rest of the mixtape because I'm still stuck on this track lol

2. Young Jeezy feat Ne-Yo "Leave You Alone"

As you can see, I'm a real supporter of Hip Hop. I support my fellow artists. I actually bought Jeezy's new album TM 103. He's got a lot of hard hitting tracks on it but this one featuring Ne-Yo really stands out to me. I need a hook from Ne-Yo ASAP!

1. Anything with Meek Mill on it lol

Meek Mill is the fuckin man. I've been listening to his music for a little while now and so far it has never gotten old to me. He brings this crazy energy to every track he's on. Meek Milly along w/ the rest of MMG have been in heavy rotation in my Ipod.

Bonus: Zach89 "1st Down" (Scenario Freestyle). You know I had to put one of my songs from my mixtape lol Download RapZhody now!

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