Saturday, April 11, 2009

A night in Long Island

Last night's performance went well. Although we rocked it for a "small" crowd (and small is just an understatement lol) we still had fun. I guess sometimes you perform for a big crowd and sometimes you play to the furniture. Anyways, shout outs to everyone in Amityville that showed love. Also, shout out to the other acts that performed: Sketchnote and C-Lite. After our set, we did a rap cypher on stage with our New Skool family (Bonkaz and Young Star). We hit up club oragin last night in Long Island after the show. After a couple hours, me, reggie, my boys nova and keeze hit up a diner. That was about it for the night of a rock star.

Oh, by the way I'm on twitter now. Yup I'm jumping on the twitter bandwagon lol. But you can still find me on blogspot, myspace, and facebook.

-Zach (Team Blackout)

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  1. Hey Zach... I'd your show went well. Keep up the good work.. But yeah.. Its been awhile since Ive been in touch.. I think since you stressed how important it was to vote.. So yeah its been a minute.. You couldnt have said it better. School is getting crazy I'm happy that tomorrow is my last final and i'm done for the semester.. Well since we spoke i was expressing how I wanted to go to the army etc.. Well guess what I leave on the 22nd.. I have a blog as well that you should check out.. as i prepare for my depature on that.. But speak to you soon.. Private Pickett....