Thursday, February 26, 2009

T.I. Road To Redemption

In my last blog, I talked about how my mom has been blogging about finding your spiritual path. While we are on that subject, I thought I'd shed some light on it. I never realized how many people are out there who don't know what their purpose is. I feel very fortuanate to actually know, at a young age, what it is I want to do and what is my life's purpose. Who knows? As you get older, you change and your life purpose may shift. But I know that my life's purpose is to make music and heal people through Hip Hop. Not to be on some crazy spiritual stuff, but when I think about it, that's what it all boils down to.

Recently, I have been watching TI's show on MTV called T.I. Road to Redemption. It's one of my favorite shows out right now. Through the problems that T.I. has faced with the law and his impending year and day sentence in prison for gun possession, I believe T.I. has truly found his life's purpose. Other than making great music and being one of the greatest entertainers today, T.I. has found a way to make a strong impact on people. I think it's great that he is able to take the mistakes that he's made and shine positive light on the situation while helping those who are heading in the wrong direction. You should definitely check out the show. It airs every Tuesday night. Besides the show, T.I. has been doing a lot of community service, speaking to the youth about making good decisions. Check out this clip.

-Zach (Team Blackout)

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  1. yo zach was gud, loving the whole team blackout movement, but i wanted to ask you a favor, im a fellow blogger and wanted to know how you put up the world star hip hop video on ur blog, all i can ever do is upload videos already on my computer but if you could help me with that that would be cool. it wud be extra cool if you could check out my blog nd leave a comment or whateva but thanks for your time nd thanks for the great music from u nd the Team. 1